Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Toys!

This week has been awesome, due to my new toys mainly... I am so excited to try them out tomorrow myself and to let the fellas get after it as well. I picked up a Schwinn Airdyne bike and 100' of 2" Manilla Rope. You may be asking yourself, why is he happy about some rope? I will let you in on a little secret. Come in close. This Rope Training will step up your game to the next level. Check out his video, then go out and get some rope and take your athlete's up a notch on the Stud belt! Get Strong.

Magical Day

The gym is coming together very quickly! More and more people are wanting to join in on the fun and I am really having a good time taking this all in. The process of opening a gym has been the best thing I could have done and will do. It just feels right and I know it will be a success! Thank You...

Amazing Time...

Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge fan of MMA, that being said there are some Awesome fights coming up very soon! Also, our Gym will be a breeding ground for Elite Combat athletes. We will also be offering our "Caveman Training" to certain weekend warriors that show they can hang with the Bad Boys. Take a look at this video and see what I mean. These guys and gals are amazing athletes, and they are in amazing shape!

What A Day...

Today was a very interesting day, it started out great and increased during the middle then slowly came to an end. Maybe from all the excitement I just couldn't sustain the momentum or, it was a bit to over whelming? Not quite sure, but it seems I am one day closer to my dreams becoming reality! Training went great and company was also stellar. Over all I can't complain about my life because, Everything Happens For A Reason! I do mean EVERYTHING! Wow, can't believe I just wrote this, stay tuned for all new updates. Until then, Get Strong!

It's Happening!

Today, finished off an awesome weekend with the family. We hung out and tried to stay cool from the little heat wave we've been having in the southland, temp's are a little over 100 the last four days.
I feel so calm and anxious at the same time having found a perfect place for the Gym! Now it is all up to the powers that be to see if we will be moving in the new building soon. Which reminds me back to Wednesday, when a few guys stopped by to work-out. This is the type of training we will be doing at STRONG 101.
Hope to share with you all the Grand Opening, as well as some pain, sweat and laughs.

One Day Closer!

You ever have that feeling that you area so close to something you can feel it? Me too, and the anticipation is really nerve racking. But when it happens, watch out! For now I am practicing 'Patience' and boy does it feel good.

I was able to spend some alone time with my smallest children this evening. And I realized how fast time goes by when you aren't watching the clock. What an amazing time it is right now, there is no scarcity only abundance in our lives. I say that because I will soon have the freedom to be with my family when ever I chose to, not when someone says I can. I have to succeed for them, to set the example, to take a chance of failing in order to create more opportunity. Who knew opening a gym of my own would teach me so many lessons? I leave you with this...

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.

"What I Was Meant To Do"

I always knew I was put here on earth to help others! But, I didn't know in what capacity I was going to do this. Being in the Fire Service the last 15 yrs. I have come accross a lot of heroes and great people, and what I have felt over the last couple of years wasn't the same feeling I had when I first started... I started seriously digging deep inside myself to find out what I truly was put here to do. Back in Nov. '07 I finally realized what I was suppose to be doing the rest of my life. I wanted to change people physically, not just help them lose weight, or put on a few pounds of muscle. No, I wanted to transform them into the best they could be no matter what age, or shape they are in. So, began my journey of opening my own gym!!! Very soon I will have that goal accomplished. My friends and I have been creating a buzz at the local gym and I have been putting it out to the universe of my intentions and everything is PERFECT. I have been blessed to train under some great Mentors/Coaches these past few months. They probably don't know it but, they have helped transform me! So to them I say Thank You, Scott Ramsdell and staff at API in Minnesota, and Zach Even-Esh and staff at Underground Strength Coach in New Jersey. You guys are a big part of my current and future success.

Today's Work-Out!!!

I usually have a few friends over on Wednesdays that want to work-out at my home. I had two buddies run through the 3 minute circuit earlier in the afternoon. I also had a buddy come over later, who was coming off of a lower leg injury so I put him through a scaled back upper body circuit. Here is a video of him during round four and one of me during round four. We were both spent after this..! Check it out and post a review or comment.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The First Day of the Rest of My Life!

This my very first blog, and my first post. To all that don't know me, I am a Strength and Performance Coach in sunny so. cal. I live in Corona, CA with my beautiful wife and four children. I am preparing to open my own gym in a couple of months and would like to share with you my journey and let you learn from my experiences. I currently work as a Firefighter at an Oil Refinery aboout 50 miles from my home. I am also in charge of putting together a work-out program for the 160 Firefighters on site. In my spare time I coach a few weekend athletes / gym rats at my home. We meet during the week and go through a series of circuits which includes swinging sledge hammers, tire flipping, calisthenics, kettlebells and a few other odd object lifts and carries. I have found that this has become a great way to get in shape and break the normal routine of going to the gym and lifting weights day in and day out. So follow along on my journey, and I can't wait till you all can come by and work-out at my gym!