Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Houston, we have a problem!

We have a big problem at the gym... See what happened was, these guys kept coming into the gym to get bigger, stronger and faster. I don't know what went wrong but, they did it to quickly! I mean, I thought these tires would give them a challenge for a long time but, it's like they can't get enough of them now.

So , our problem is, I have to find heavier tires to keep these guys from tearing up the place. I know, I know it's not really a problem. You see, they are getting amazing results so quickly that we have to get stronger too. I can't let them get to far ahead of me. I have to lead by example, if I want them to respect me.

I must talk the talk, and walk the walk...who can respect a coach that never put forth the effort to show their athletes how to do it right?
I must get Stronger...hahahaha!

See what I mean... back to the iron, later.


the specialized strength coach said...


nice work with those clients bro! How much does that tire weigh in the vid?


zevenesh said...

yep, this is a GREAT problem to have!

any1 who gets trained by the mighty mike is in golden hands, love ur success bro, c u in a few!

Mike Rojas said...

The Big tire is in excess of 600 lbs. We haven't gotten it to a truck scale yet, but it's freakin heavy!!!