Monday, November 24, 2008

Keep your chin-up...

When all else fails, look in the mirror and tell yourself everything is Perfect!
Who cares what is happening around you, the so called Recession, the economic down turn, negative people, negative comments or whatever...
My business is gaining steam faster than ever, and I'm sure it's due to the positive kick-ass atmosphere we have here!
No one here is hanging their heads in the poor me syndrome. We are kicking a** and taking names...
We have a group of high school wrestlers that are throwing around the 400lb. tire like it's nothing. They are making incredible strength gains and their opponents better watch out, because they mean business. Most of them want to go to State finals and you know what... I know they are going to do it.
We have all our new clients fill out a goal sheet in our sign-up packet...and they all set their sights on the highest level, they didn't say I want to place in League's or get to the CIF finals. No way! They all said State!!!
We all can take a page from these kids, which is there are no limits...except the limits we put on ourselves.
So, Kick A$$ and take names! and Get Strong!

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