Friday, November 7, 2008

No Excuses...

I am posting the second video of this Amazing young man. What an awesome outlook on life, and it takes away all the excuses one may have that is able bodied or just down on themselves due to circumstances. You can only control You, and Your thoughts. So what are you telling yourself? Is it positive or negative? Is it helping or hurting your current situation? Are you prospering or dwelling?

Take time to really tune into the radio station today. Not the one in your car, but the one in your head. What station are you tuned in too? The good news network, or the negativity news? The most important thing is to understand that you control your own Destiny. Only YOU! Make it a Great day, not a good one. Have big dreams, not fantasies. Be comfortable, being uncomfortable.

Someone told me once that, "Crazy people, make Crazy money"... How crazy are you?


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