Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Turning Point...

I believe there is a turning point in everyone's life, a make it or brake it moment if you will.
For instance, for me I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I had a conversation with my wife one evening after work, and I said to her that I wasn't sure what I was suppose to be doing with my life? So, we began to discuss this, and no definitive answer came up... After a few days had passed, I was on YouTube watching people perform amazing feats...like bench pressing over 400+ pounds, and performing box jumps well over anything I thought I could do...etc.
That morning was my AHHA moment! I went upstairs and woke up my wife and said, come down stairs, I want to show you some videos. So began my journey into opening my own Gym, the birth of STRONG 101!

Here is one of my biggest influences, this video has over 100,000 hits. Yup, this gym and the man who owns it and trains all these studs is the one and only Joe Defranco, of DeFranco's Training Systems. Enjoy!!!

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