Friday, November 14, 2008

The "word" for today is...

Today's word is...Intensity! Why, because not enough gyms today have it. The people in there are just going through the motions. You know, like a boat out in the water not trying to make waves, just floating around.

At our gym, the noise from the music is pumping, the guys and gals are pushing each other to new heights. WE bring the Intensity here. There is no going through the motions at Strong 101. Atmosphere is so important to make strides in your training. Try and bring the intensity and let us know how it has changed your work-outs.

To your success, Get Strong!

P.S. Check this video out and let me know if you think this guy is intense?

Here is an extra one for you, I love this guy's attitude and Intensity!!!

1 comment:

the specialized strength coach said...

heck yeah brother, that is why i left my local gym, and built one n my garage. If you slam the weights they almost want to kick you out of the gym.