Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gaining Muscle...?

I've recently heard from a lot of guys that weight train regularly..."How come I can't gain any weight?" I think the question should be, "What are you eating, how much and how hard are you training?"

I know I may get a lot of negative feedback, but... what you eat and how much is a very important role in many so called 'Hard Gainers' woes. You see, your diet is the most important key in YOU gaining the right kind of weight (muscle). Because anyone can gain weight, but if muscle is what you want... then you must prep your body for the lean muscle gains.

Take me for instance, I graduated high school at 5'11" @ 160 lbs. I know, I was a beast! Hahaha... Well not exactly, I ran Track and Wrestled a little but I had a hard time keeping weight on because of my cardio and diet. I've since changed my ways, and I'm 6'1" @ 215 lbs. You see I too was a 'Hard Gainer' until I figured out what I was lacking.

Now, I own my own gym and I train athletes and the general public on how to pack on the muscle and change their physiques... If you want to know more, you can either attend our Seminar this weekend or visit us in Riverside, CA @ Strong 101 Gym.

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