Monday, February 9, 2009


I was asked to give some of our training tips out, so here we go with our daily work-out post.

Usually Monday's are Leg work-out days, Tuesday is Chest and Back, Wednesday is Circuit or a type of full body day, Thursday is Kettlebells or Shoulders and Arms, Friday is another Circuit or Odd Object day... Weekends are off to rest.

That was a mouthful of typing... So I'll fill you in on what we did today and I will try and log in every day to keep you updated on our daily work-outs.

Legs: Usual warm-up of Jumping Rope for 4-5 min. Band warm-up of every muscle group, then stretching out (I will post our Lower Body Warm-Up/Stretch video).

Kettlebells in the rack position, then Squats w/ glutes touching a heavy bag laying on the ground, rep doesn't count if you don't touch...then we progress up in weight each set w/ reps ranging from 8-10.

Single Leg RDL on a 6" raised block...w/ a Kettlebell. We always start with the weak side first, so if you're a Right handed person, you will use your Left first on all uni-lateral movements.

We finished with a Farmer Walk, carrying our 225 lb. tire up and back 100'. We have a long driveway in the rear of our Gym, so we use the tires alot outside. It's not heavy but the grip challenge is very taxing for 200'...

So, there you have today's workout, give it a try and let me know what you think.
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Take care, and Get Strong!

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