Thursday, October 1, 2009

31 Day Challenge

Hey everyone....
Sorry for the long delay, but we are back and ready to kick A$$!

I am starting this month off with a 31 day straight video porting challenge to myself... Why you may ask? Why not, Challenging yourself can create growth, which is what I am after. You're either Growing or You are Dying!

So I will post the first two vids up here and everyday here on out. Please make any comments or suggestions, and please post anything that may interest you or something we did in a video you would like to see more of...! Thank You in advance.
This first one is a fairly high Box (Tire) Jump... You can see we don't have boxes so we improvise, which is perfect if you are starting your own Garage / Warehouse Gym on a budget. Tires are FREE!
This video shows a few of our younger studs using a Yoke... It is an amazing tool to target your core in every plane, and also to pack on the muscle on these kids.

P.S. Like I said earlier, please please leave some feedback or comments of what you would like to see and I will definitely get it up for you.

Get Strong!



Looking forward to seeing some of your a$$ kicking circuits and strongman displays of strength.

Mike Rojas said...


jean said...

I'm in Sylmar, CA working on an underground gym and finding tractor tires for free are a challenge...can you help me, any suggestions?

Mike Rojas said...

Hey Jean, give me a call and I will help you find a spot to get some tires... 951 346-6900 or email me at