Monday, October 19, 2009

Lovin' Life

Just had a great weekend with the family...! Also, we were fortunate enough to be invited down to the O.C. to check out Chad Smith and Company's new Gym, Beautiful place, with a great Staff!

This week has already started out with a BANG! We unwrapped our new Atlas Stone today, it turned out pretty good (not bad for my first try). I was also honored by a local Gym owner / Coach, Tony Falaro of Authentic Strength Training. He asked me if it would be ok to do a Video Interview for his Blog...of course I said yes, I am blessed to be able to Pay It Forward! I will post the link as soon as I get it, I am very excited to see the finished product.
As a gift to Tony and his Gym, I donated our new Atlas Stone to them, plus I pulled out the video camera as Tony was able to lift it for the very first time...pretty soon he will be tearing the stones up.

Can't wait for tomorrow, clients rolling thru the gym to get jacked and get in crazy shape! Check out this video from last week...

Like I said, Lovin' Life...!


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