Friday, October 23, 2009

Stay Positive...

At times not everything seems bright, I believe we all are experiecing new moments of not so great times...
BUT, what if, life was perfect, at all times? What if, we never went without? What if, we had no tests of our will and determination?

Life would suck!

There is a clear separation of those that will, and those that will just complain about those that will.
If everything was perfect there would be no sports, no competition, no voting, no fatty's, no problems and no worries. How freakin' boring would that be?

Life is totally about the tough times, and how tough you become and keep going! If life was perfect, we wouldn't be blogging our opinions, or sharing our triumphs with each other...

For me, I am tired of being sick and tired! We can totally change our outlook on what we are going thru and what we do about it.

I have definitely had a few gut checks this week alone...
Fortunately I am blessed to be able to drop off my kids at school every morning, and I cherish those moments.. But, I definitely was getting way to comfortable. I left out my aggressive nature and just let life keep happening to me. It's time to turn up the fire under my butt and to get going on growing my business so that I may be around for my family all the time!
I am very thankful to have a few Guardian Angels on my side. Do YOU?
Seriously? Are there people in your life that push you forward, or do you surround yourself with energy wasters & time suckers?

Life is what you make of what are you making?
What Legacy are you leaving behind?
What mark are you leaving on this Beautiful Earth?

Carpe Diem!!!


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Tony Falaro said...

Nice, man. I like reading stuff like this. Keeps things in perspective and keeps me looking forward, even when it's tough! Great job!