Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The "F" Word....

Hey guys, I wanted to go over one of the most over rated words in the Fitness Industry. Are you ready? I'm not kidding! It starts with an F... Ok, here you go!


So what just ran thru your mind?

I believe a lot of terms in our industry are over used and not taken in the right context. Just because it's the latest fad or facilities and trainers think they can make a quick buck.

Functional is definitely used out of context in the fitness arena, on a daily basis in many gyms, magazines, books and e-mails. Everywhere you look, someone is saying that standing on a Bosu Ball on one foot performing a squat is going to carry over to whatever it is you are doing.

What in the world are they thinking?

I mean seriously, how can a one legged squat on a dome produce results for a Police Officer? Firefighter? Lawyer? Teacher?

It can't!

If you disagree, TOUGH $**T!

The Bosu Ball may have it's place in the fitness industry...(If you say so)? But, if you are telling me that it is Functional, you are full of $**T! In no way shape or form does this and many other insane products become functional. If you want the latest and greatest work-out equipment, just stay up late at night and buy anything endorsed by that Jake guy or anything that you sit or lay on that will produce your new 6-Pack Abs in 2 minutes a day.

New does not always mean better, nor does it mean it serves a purpose. Follow the old adage, "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!"

I have worked in the Fire Service for 14+ years, and never was I on one foot performing any task that my job required. If you are looking to be functional and not full of it, try any old school bodyweight movement that will engage your Core and cause proprioception in your stabilizer mucles. Such as a simple Walking Lunge or a Box Jump. These exercises don't require any fancy equipment and Bodyweight Movements are amazing for building incredible strength, explosiveness and flexibility!

Don't believe me, then check these videos out!


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