Friday, November 13, 2009


I have a bone to pick with Doctors today. Why?

Because a client text me and said, his Dr. thinks he is over training or training too hard, and to modify it to focus more on Core Strength...?


His Dr., definitely doesn't know what we do at our gym!

If anything, the "Core" is engaged constantly at our place. We have no place to sit and talk about who banged who last night. There is no juice bar to chill at. No machines to hang your towel on, $**t there's no machines period. We deal with plain old Body Weight and Free Weights. End of story!

If your doc is giving out work-out advice, then why have a trainer / coach? If he's not to busy giving out free advice on stuff he has no idea about, just ask him whose going to win the Super Bowl, and then law down a fat bet!

Seriously, is this guy for real. I don't prescribe meds to my clients, so please don't prescribe work-out tips to yours.

Nuff said, Get STRONG!

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