Sunday, December 6, 2009

Eat to WIN!

I understand the holiday(s) are here...but if you want to effectively create YOUR best physique, you must eat to WIN!

I'm sure everyone that is reading this eats "clean" or Organic or whatever...
It's not enough to eat well sometimes. Honestly if you were to write down everything you ate and drank for a week, would you still say you eat clean looking back on your list?

I didn't think so! Cheat meals are once a week, not once a day. To totally maximize your gains made in the Gym, eating properly and on time will create the best results in Your body.

Are supplements mandatory...? No, but they do enhance your results by giving the body the essentials needed to grow lean muscle quickly. Like I said before, they are not neccessary, especially if you are on a budget. There are some great deals on different Proteins at various online and retail stores. If anything, I would suggest a source of Whey Protein directly after a workout at minimum. This will aid your recovery from any workout.

Remember, Eat to WIN over the holiday season. If you need any help with your diet feel free to contact us, or 951 346-6900.

One of the better supplement companies on the market is GI Nutrition, they have only a few products... but they are quality products that really work. Try the samples, if you don't feel like commitiing to buying a tub. Enter Strong101 in the promo section so I can track your process.

Take Care, and Get STRONG!

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