Thursday, January 21, 2010


How do You pick what workout we do today?
How do you pick out your workout for the day?

These are the two most commonly asked questions everyday...
So how do I figure out my training regimen? Well, it's very simple and yet somewhat self explanatory.

You see, the type of client determines the type of training. If I have a off-season Minor League ball player, then I know he needs a little rehab, a ton of core work and we will throw in some strength training. If I have a Police Officer, we will work in some pre-hab, definitely core work and of course some strength training.

Do you see how easy that is...?


Well for my clients, they come to us to get STRONGER, but they also come to us so we can get them in better shape in all aspects of their physical fitness. We treat almost all of our clients like they are ATHLETEs.


Let me ask you a question, Who are the most in shape people on the planet? The answer is athletes, without picking a particular can see that most job duties require Core stability, Agility, Quick Response times, Strength, Mental Toughness, etc., etc., etc. Do you notice a trend here?

Just about a year and a half ago the National Strength and Conditioning Association, labeled Police Officers, Military Personnel and Firefighters as Athletes. Yup, Athletes. Does that make you think differently about their job? They have to react quickly at a moments notice, they operate at a higher level than most people, they are all very Physical jobs, there is a high risk of danger involved in all these positions... They are Athletes. So they are trained as such!

Now imagine, why wouldn't the average person want to be trained like an athlete?
It makes perfect sense. If you stay ready, you won't have to get ready. So our clients are treated as any other athlete that comes to our facility to train. We have proper warm-ups, dynamic stretching, core work and of course strength training for all of our clientelle.

As far as what works for me vs. my clients, it becomes a little different. Why? Because my goals are slightly different than my clients. I definitely train my clients according to their goals and needs, so I do the same for myself.

Here is a little video of what we do at our facility, check it out and let me know what you think?

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