Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Combine Testing.?!

Today marked the end of the NFL Combine Testing...
For those of you unfamiliar with this process, let me fill you in on what a few selected individuals endure over this weekend.

There are a handful of events that a Player will go thru to help determine their value to a prospecting NFL Team. They start out by being measured and weighed... Then they move onto a series of interviews of different teams in need of their services or teams that are seriously interested in drafting each young man.

After all this is said and done, they are put thru a series of physical ability tests, labeled "The Combine".

These tests are: a 40 yard dash, a Vertical Jump, Standing Long Jump, 225 lb. Bench Press for Max Reps, 20yd & 60yd Shuttle and 3 Cone Drill.

If that isn't enough, they also go head to head in skill tests, related to their position.

Now what do these tests really prove to these NFL owners, coaches and scouts???

I'm not quite sure, because nobody bench presses 225 lbs. on the field or during halftime or on the bench...and on field speed is much much different than running a straight ahead 40 yd dash with no pads and no one trying to tackle or block you.

Check out this great article from Steve Morris of

He put out a very controversial article today about the NFL Combine...
Till next time, Get STRONG!!!