Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Most people know that what you eat, and how often you eat it, will determine your physical appearance. But, what is really pushing me to write about this is, no matter how often I discuss this with my clients...they still decide to not eat and drink the right foods and beverages. So stop complaining about why you don't lose weight or have a 6-pack! If you truly wanted change, you would change.

I have had this and many other conversations about food with all my clients on numerous occassions. I know we all want to be physically fit, and there is no easy way to a great looking body. Only thru hardwork and a great diet, will this be acheived. Yes, there are alot of claims about a pill or a specific at home work-out/dvd that will help you get ripped in minutes a day. The TRUTH is hardwork and discipline will return the results you crave.

Let's get back to the Nutrition part of this post, food (your diet) will give you the greatest amount of results in the least amount of time. Take a look back at the Subway spokesman Jared. He walked a half hour to work, at lunch he would have a 6 inch sub with a bag of baked potato chips and a drink, then walked home at the end of the shift. It's just that simple! Control your calories consumed and you can create changes very quickly. You must burn more calories per day, than you consume.

I usually ask all my clients for a food list for a whole week. This consists of writing down everything you consume (food and drinks), including the time. So, if you eat at 7am, I don't want them to write the word Breakfast, I just want times. This helps me track the amount of time they haven't had a meal. Which shows why they are not losing the fat they want. Because to long of a break in between meals means they're slowing down their metabolism. A slow metabolism leads to loss of muscle and the retention of fat.

There is no reason a 13 year old client should hand me a list containing Diet Coke as a drink during lunch time, Monday - Friday... Yes, this was an actual list I received! Please do not consume Diet drinks and hope that they are safe or are going to help you lose weight. Water is what we are made of and it needs to be replaced often to keep you hydrated. There is no substitute!

As far as food goes, when you go shopping at a grocery store, stay on the outside walls. They usually contain all the natural foods such as your proteins (meats, fish , poultry), dairy (milk & cheeses), fruits and vegetables. If it's canned or bottled it usually contains preservatives and should not be consumed. You get the picture right, I don't think we have to go much more detailed here.

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Take care, and Get STRONG!

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