Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Believe the Hype!

Here comes a rant for today's post...

I understand that I am in the business of marketing. I have to sell myself to every potential client that walks into my door. Believing in what I do is very simple, because I am confident in my abilities to get results (and fast).

What I don't understand is all these salesmen pedaling different gadgets and equipment that won't make an Athlete better. You see I was at a certain High School I train athletes at today, and the boys Basketball coach had a gentleman pitching these balance bands to his team. I walked into the weight room with 40 kids sitting down listening to this guy trying to get them to spend money on something they can't wear during a game.....(scratching my head).

Why isn't the coach teaching these guys how to lift properly instead of wasting their time trying to sell them something? I don't understand the motives but I do know those kids won't be bigger, stronger or more balanced then the kids they will face.

The same goes for seminars and clinincs that try and convince coaches to incorporate ladders and parachutes to make their athletes faster... What the F**K! I'm all for advances in technology and such, but please stop wasting your kids time by having them do and use shit that doesn't help them dominate their competition!

Watch this guy and see if this doesn't get you FIRED UP!


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