Monday, September 6, 2010

Enough is Enough!

Attention all COACHES: Unless your coaching the Cross Country or long distance runners on your track team...Do Not make your athletes run past a 100 yd sprint or a steep hill less than 40 yds, as a form of conditioning or punishment!!!

It's f****n ridiculous when I have a high school baseball player come into the gym and say, "we ran 2.5 miles today as punishment." WTF! I am trying to pack on some serious muscle on these guys during the off-season and their coach is taking it all off in a day. Running anything further than a short sprint is reversing the effects of muscle building on athletes that don't compete in distance running.

Look at a Sprinters physique vs a Middle Distance runner.

You be the judge.

High School coaches, please use some common sense when training your athletes. If you're trying to create a team of studs, then don't run them into the ground with slow paced distance runs.

At our gym, we are trying to help your athletes become Bigger, Faster and especially Stronger! So let me leave you with this parting quote from the movie Jerry Maguire..."Help Me, Help You!"



smorri88 said...

Amen man. Its simply insane. It happens in football and it sickens me every time I see it.

Mike Rojas said...

It's a change that needs to be made ASAP in a lot of youth sports.

I appreciate the feedback!
Take care.