Saturday, September 11, 2010

Girls shouldn't lift weights...

I absolutlely agree! Girls shouldn't lift weights.

They should train!!!

Every female wether they are an athlete or not, should be in the gym training. Why? Because training with resistance will increase muscle and help burn fat. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. Couple training with a solid meal plan and the results are limitless.

Athletic females, need to increase their speed, strength and explosiveness. This can only happen thru a proper training program. Another great benefit is it will help reduce inuries. Female athletes are 40% more likely to tear an ACL over their male counterparts. With somewhere around 200,000 kids tearing their ACL's this year, injury prevention is huge.

All sports require explosive speed and strength! So why not train like an ATHLETE?!.

Check out this video from this past summer...



fitness said...

Hi Mike,

Great Vid! Im a trainer in the UK and bookmarked your site several months ago.......and now can remember why!

If its ok Cabn I link to some of your posts in the future? Some of them are excellent. Feel free to check out if you feel anything linkable is relevant.

keep up the good work - Nice gym you got too ;)


Mike Rojas said...

Hey John,

Sure thing brotha, no problem with sharing info to the masses!

Take care, and thank you for reading our posts.

Mike Rojas