Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Strength Training for Baseball.?!

There are many websites and blogs on the internet preaching to kids, parents and coaches on how to train for Baseball. But, how do you decipher which is the best program for you? I can honestly say, without hesitation it's simply a matter of what you feel will make you better.

Are there some programs that will accelerate your strength, speed, mechanics, agility, power, etc... YES! If you feel it will benefit you to choose one style of training vs. another, then by all means go 100% and commit. The biggest problem when training is people tend to bounce back and forth between programs and never really benefit from committing to stick it out for a period of time.

I understand commitment is a scary word for some. But success only comes before work in the dictionary. You must commit to working hard and then reap the benefits of any program you are working with.

Now lets get to programs I would recommend for Baseball players. First off is proper hitting mechanics. You can be the biggest strongest player on the team but a kid with proper machanics will out hit you most of the time. I recommend logging onto BatSpeed.com. Mr. Jack Hankin is a personal friend and mentor of mine, and he definitely knows what he is talking about!

Next is a proper strength and conditioning program. Well since we provide that here, I guess I will recommend Strong 101 Gym. I'm just saying.?! We have had great success with our athletes in all sports, but this past month we now have our first major league player to come out of our gym. So as they say, "the proof is in the pudding".

Obviously there are great gyms all over the U.S., but if they have you doing regular Bench Press and Curls...then you should probably keep looking for a different place to train at.

Be diligent in your quest to find quality people to work with as well as an atmosphere conducive to getting better. You usually only get one shot in life, so make it count!


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