Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What happened...?

I went to a local high school for a Sunday morning workout this past weekend, and I was shocked by what I saw! I pulled up to the track / football field area looking for my friends...but they were gone. So, I drove around to the other side of the school to see if they were near the baseball field, nope...maybe by the basketball courts, nope...what about by the tennis courts, not there either.

What the F**K! I couldn't find them anywhere.

So, I left and went to my old high school where I graduated from that's about a half mile away. Looking for my friends again, I saw they had been taken away to make room for some visitors seating area... Damn it!

One more try, I went out to another high school about 3 miles away. I saw tennis courts, basketball courts and some guys playing soccer on the football field. But, once again I couldn't find my friends.

My friends had been removed, dug up, thrown away and were never to be seen on any local high school field again.?! How could this have happened? Who would have gotten rid of the best Bodyweight Muscle builder there is...?

You see all these schools had gotten rid of their Pull-Up bars!

I just wanted to get in a simple bodyweight workout and run a few sprints, and I traveled to 3 different high schools and there were no pull-up bars to be found...? Is it any wonder why kids nowadays are so out of shape and they can't perform a proper squat, push-up or pull-up anymore?

I eventually wound up at a local college and ran the bleachers for a few sets, then found a Soccer goal that I made use of as a pull-up station. It was a great time, I just wish it wasn't such a struggle to find a nice quiet place to get in better shape.

There was a time when bodyweight exercises ruled the school systems and there was an emphasis on eating healthy. Today our youth is fed fast food for lunch and sodas are still being offered to them instead of water in a vending machine. We need to get back to teaching our sons and daughters the proper way to train and eat, so they won't have to rely on the government for medical help later in life.

Schools need to bring back ropes in the gymnasium and poles and pull-up bars for the kids to hang and pull themselves up on. Our weight rooms are filled with useless machines that isolate muscles instead of allowing them to use balance and stabilization of their own bodies. It's gotten to the point that Wrestling rooms don't even have pull-up bars any longer... If any sport required an amazing grip and great pulling power it's wrestlers.

What happened...?

Please post any comments or concerns that you have about todays youth and how our school systems are set up. Thank You.


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