Saturday, November 20, 2010

Do I need to take Supplements?

Here at Strong 101 Gym, we train ATHLETES! A major component to an athletes success is their diet. Everything that is consumed is part of your this means anything besides your typical food or drink is a SUPPLEMENT!

We are asked by clients and non-clients, do you recommend supplements? Yes and no.
You see most "youth athletes" don't eat enough good calories. They just eat when they get around to it, and they will eat anything from fast food to frozen anything. We train our clients to eat healthy snacks and meals that will fuel their bodies for optimal strength and weight gains.

Even our major league ball players are always tweaking their diets in and out of season. Everything that is put in your mouth will dictate how you are going to feel, play and recover in your sport. Read that again! Everything!!!

So wether it is a slice of pizza or a turkey sandwich, the outcome of your performance will be decided by what you consume.

So, with all that being said here is what we recommend for a majority of our athletes... Lots of WATER, a Protein shake immediately after every weight training session, eat lots of lean white meats (Turkey, Chicken (free range)and Fish (wild)), take a multi-vitamin especially if you're not eating your greens, a greens supplement again if you're not eating greens consistently, Fruits in the a.m., consume EGGs as if they are going out of style (free range preferrably) and depending on their weight goals eat frequently but small meals.

This formula has worked well for our clients, if you are a member of our gym you can receive a recommended grocery list. Just ask Mike or Manny for the shopping list.

If you would like to order the Protein we recommend to all our Athletes, check out Their products are phenomenal and they are also NSF certified. Which means they have been tested and are free of any banned substances for all sanctioned sports. Plus everything they have tastes Great!


Here is a video of one of the Owners of G.I. Nutrition...enjoy!