Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, Faster YOU!

In two more days we will be in 2011, and all of our Athletes are getting ready for their next season... Bigger Faster Stronger is what we do best!

As I was designing our programs for them, I stumbled upon a great quote from my buddy Joe DeFranco of DeFrancos Training Systems. He had this to say about a question regarding SPEED Training and getting Faster, "Only MUSCLE causes movement. If your muscles are weak, they can’t move your body fast."

I respect a handful of people in the Strength & Conditioning industry and Joe is at the top of my list of getting people extremely fast! His training programs have produced some amazing results with his athletes. I know with his experience that if he says to get faster, you need to add muscle to your frame. Then strength and getting stronger is a MUST!

Check out some of Joe D's clients and tell me if you are ready to get BIGGER FASTER STRONGER now...?

Brian Cushing, Linebacker
Houston Texans
2009 1st Round Draft Pick
2009 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year

Miles Austin, Wide Receiver
Dallas Cowboys
2009 NFL ALL-PRO Team

Mark DeRosa, Utility man
San Francisco Giants
2010 World Series Champions

Deon Anderson, Fullback
Dallas Cowboys
(Currently Miami Dolphins)

Vinny Ciurciu, Linebacker
Detroit Lions

Donald Brown, Running Back
Indianapolis Colts
2009 1st Round Draft Pick

Mark Popovic, Defenseman
Atlanta Thrashers
2001 NHL 2nd Round Draft Pick

Dhani Jones, Linebacker
Cincinnati Bengals

Tony Fiammetta, Fullback
Carolina Panthers

Brian Witherspoon, Kick Returner/Cornerback
Jacksonville Jaguars

The list goes on and on, but you get the point right.
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