Monday, December 5, 2011

It's TIME!

December is upon us, and you know what that means...
It's time to get BIGGER - FASTER - and STRONGer!

If you're serious about becoming the best ATHLETE on the field next year, don't wait til January to start your pre-season training. We have a limited amount of spaces until we move into our Larger facility (oops, did I just say we are moving).

Call today to schedule your FREE trial training session and prepare to work your A** off!

951 346-6900 ask for Mike

Here is a little sample of what our Athletes were doing to prepare for Domination...!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

The #1 Thing Your Strength Coach Is NOT DOING Right!

If you train at any other facility than Strong 101 Gym, you run the risk of injury!

How can I say this?

Why do I say this?

At our facility TECHNIQUE is the first and only thing that matters... We care about the health and safety of each Athlete, above anything else.

There is no way we would want one of our clients to go home after a training session being injured in anyway. You are with us to get Agile, Mobile and Hostile...the best way we can insure this is to concentrate on Form First.

This is what separates us from all the other "sports gyms" around. We will not accept bad form, or less than 100% effort from each individual.

When technique is placed in the forefront of any exercise, the movement becomes the focus not the amount of weight being used. This is a very important point, weight is the third most important part of the equation in any exercise.

Watch this video of a Junior College level Hang Clean (250 lbs)being performed...

Now watch how it should be done (440 lbs)...

With all things being equal, TECHNIQUE will prevail. To learn more about What, How and Why we get the results we acheive with our 951 346-6900 or e-mail us at


Thursday, September 22, 2011


All of our Fall Sport athletes are tearing up the Competition! They are dedicated to training hard and improving everyday...whose next?

We have had tremendous success with building better athletes, are you ready to take your training the the next level?

If yes, than call 951 346-6900 or e-mail us at

There is also room for teams / groups...please call to reserve your spot today!


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What are YOU ready to Accomplish this season?

What are you doing right now that will help you Dominate on the field of play?

Training for your sport is just as important as studying for a test in any subject in need to PREPARE yourself!
Everyone has heard the saying, "The will to prepare, is more important than the will to win." So, are you preparing at the right place, with the right Coach's, with the right Training Program(s) and the right meal plan(s)?
If the answer is No or I don't know...then prepare to get beat next season!
We will not let you leave our facility and not be prepared for battle. Our Athletes are getting better everyday training with our Coach's & using or programming, which is tailored to get YOU better!
We will not waste your time with running and cone will acheive extra-ordinary results if you put in the work everyday to improve. There is no other training facility that can match our track record or our ability to make your health and performance a priority.

We specialize in making Athletes better by over-preparing them for their upcoming season. If you are ready to take your game to the next level call us ASAP @ 951 346-6900 or e-mail today.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Football is almost here...

Finally....the NFL Lockout is almost over, Colleges are in full swing and High Schools are getting ready to play some FOOTBALL!

It has been a geat Pre-Season at our facility, with a lot of returning Studs packing on Muscle, becoming more Explosive and getting their CORE strong. Now our attention is focused on maintaining all the Athleticism and Strength we have been working on to build.

The best way to keep in peak shape is to...Keep Training! Yup, it's that simple. Don't stop doing what got you to where you are. That goes for all Athletes. If you trained hard to get ready for your sport, don't stop putting in the work that built you up.

We require our Athletes to come in a minimum of two times per week to help maintain all the progress we have acheived. A couple of full-body workouts will keep the strength and power up throughout the long season ahead. If you don't try and maintain through your season, problems may occur...such as injuries, diminished playing time and lack of strength / explosiveness.

Check out some college Beasts getting after some tough Pre-Season training...


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Typical day at our facility...

I hope that you're reading this blog to help further your knowledge, I am very grateful that you're seeking the information we share...

We are a Strength & Conditioning facility, that strictly trains ATHLETES!

Our clients range from middle school up to pro level Athletes. They also play a wide variety of different sports. Our philosophy is based around Power development, which we acheive through many different types of exercises.

The priority of each member is safety first, technique second, and finishing with weight. We pride ourselves on teaching these principles to our athletes, so that we may help them Dominate on the field of play.

If you're new to this blog and you're interested in finding out more about what we do, please visit our main site


Friday, April 22, 2011

Squat - Bench - Cleans Part.2

I went over why the old school programming doesn't cut it in regards to training Athletes any longer...
Any program that is inserted into any school, team or club must be led by a Coach that instills proper technique above all else! If this is not the main focus of the staff to have an athlete perform each movement with great form, then you're being put at risk of injury.


I definitely want all my clients to walk out of the gym healthier and stronger than when they walked in to our facility. We have their best interests at all times. The risk vs reward is an issue in the design of each work-out / program we teach the Athletes.

If I teach or allow an athlete to not perform a movement correctly, then I will be setting them up for failure in future lifts and failure on the field of play. We use the lifts in the weightroom as a means to help make each athlete Bigger, Faster and Stronger. Which in turn will allow them to better perform their sport.

Lifting weights is a tool to prepare them for battle. It is not meant to replicate the sport in which they play.

Squats are a great exercise for developing the lower body and core. They also increase ones speed and help with injury prevention of the knee if done correctly. But if you can teach an athlete to put 400 lbs on his back and have them squat it correctly, they will definitely gain quickness and agility.

Bench Press is a great upper body mass builder, but it has nothing to do with throwing or catching a ball. Nor does it help you swing a bat at a 90 mph fastball. It does however improve a Linemans pushing power and it can also increase the stability of the front shoulders. There are many different exercises that can help an athletes pressing power, that doesn't have you laying on your back. There are a ton of different types of push-ups that will make you explosive and strong! Take a look...

Let's not forget about the ladies either. Check out some of the exercises we have them perform. They move and play just as hard as their male counter parts, so we have them move weights just like them as well.

I am always trying to learn on how to improve on my coaching style and also how to create the best programs in order to help my Athletes acheive maximum results. Recently I was able to watch some great work being done at a local gym near my house. Please watch this video of my good friend and mentor Sean Waxman, Owner and Head Olympic Lifitng Coach at Waxman's Gym. His athletes acheive some amazing results through his diligence and knowledge.

If you're in the Inland Empire, and you want to train with Coach's that preach and practice TECHNIQUE first...then look us up STRONG 101 GYM in Corona, CA 951 346-6900

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Squat - Bench - Cleans

Just last night I received a text message from one of my College Ahtletes, about the training regiment at his school. Here's how the conversation went...

Him: The only time that I have free is on Saturdays in the a.m.

Me: Damn... How is the training at school?

Him: It's allright, I'm benching close to four...hit 225 for 29 on testing. My squats over 500 and I clean 300...I just feel sloppy it pretty much the same workouts each week with a different percentage and rep range.

Me: Same weight coach as last year?

Him: Yeah it's his program

Me: Bench Squat Clean

Him: Yeah the Reps / Percentages

Me: F**k! Sorry kid...

Him: LoL

Me: Old School shit doesn't work like it use to...

Unfortunately too many kids around the country are still being trained this way!

Now, don't get me wrong. Squats are tremendous for building strength & size, Benching is good for upper body strngth as well as a great confidence builder for Lineman and Cleans (Power or Hang) are one of the best Triple Extension movements next to Snatches.

Here's where my beef with this program comes in...MOST High School and College Coaches don't teach PROPER TECHNIQUE, in order to maximize the benefit of each movement.

Don't believe me? Then take a look at these videos:

There are numerous videos on the internet with this kind of training, technique, spotting, etc... It's our JOB as a Coach to help our athletes train in a safe manner through proper warm-ups, stretching, accessory work, coaching cues and above all else knowing our athletes limitations.

I will post up a Part 2 to this Blog.


Strong 101 Gym

Friday, April 1, 2011

The KEY to geting Faster!

All ATHLETES want to get Faster, it's the nature of the beast...

So, today I'm going to outline what gets you Faster and also what will not.
Let's take a look at a few devices that are out on the market, that claim to get you faster.

First the Speed Parachute: I've always known parachutes to be used as an emergency exit for a plane that's going down, or for military personnel to drop into enemy territory. But let's see if strapping a parachute to your hips will help with getting you faster.
First off there is zero resistance at the start, becasuse it's laying on the ground. Then when you accelerate, you are pulled upright instead of having a forward lean. Let's face it, running is basically falling forward and catching yourself over and over. Running fast is propelling yourself forward with each powerful step. If there is choppy wind or a crosswind the parachute will throw off your mechanics, which doesn't make you faster...

Improper use of a Parachute.

This works!

Second the Speed Ladder: Now I know for a fact ladders work, they help you climb up and down, also they can be used for rescuing people. But I dont think they will get you sprinting faster.
If you look at athletes using a speed / agility ladder, their eyes and head are typically down. This is definitely bad! As a coach I am always preaching head up and eyes scanning or looking forward. If you are staring at your feet or what's below you how can your speed increase? If you want the widest step possible with the most amount of force applied, then how will short choppy steps make you faster...? Maybe it's just me, but there are Speed / Quickness / Agility camps everywhere every weekend that teach your kids these techniques that don't get them the results you seek.

I don't see Speed here?

This definitely is what a ladder is for.

Speed is derived from applying as much force as possible in the shortest amount of time, while covering the most amount of ground!!!

If you are truly interested in getting your Son / Daughter faster, then call us to set-up an appointment to come to our gym. (951) 346-6900

Strong 101 Gym

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Baseball is here...!

We are officially 4 days away from the 2011 MLB season opener!

One of the main reasons why we are so excited at Strong 101 Gym, is we have two of our guys that moved up to play in the majors this year... Lucas Duda with the New York Mets & Andy Bouchie with the Detroit Tigers.

These two guys went to high school together, they both were drafted and paid their dues in the minor leagues and now they are contributing in the majors.

Andy is very special to us because, he was the very 1st client of our gym. Yup, the first guy to walk through our doors prior to the gym being finished. He came by because he saw the name on the building and wanted to get Stronger for his next season. Now two and a half years later he is in the big leagues. He also referred Luke to us as well as a few other friends that he thought could use our training to get Bigger, Faster, Stronger.

We have been very blessed to have all these guys around us, they have blessed us with their passion to get better...and for this we thank them!

Here is to another FANtastic year!!! Get STRONG!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Get to Jumping!

Plyometrics are a hot topic on message boards and forums... If you want to get faster, jump training should be a staple in your training routine.

The main thing about jumping is to keep it simple. I think some coaches and athletes want to think up cool new ideas instead of just sticking to the basics.

Jump training can be a great way to help increase ones speed and lateral movement if used correctly.

Let's look at a few ways Plyometrics can help an Athlete.
1. You can't jump slowly, with this being said you recruit a ton of fast twitch muscle in order to perform a vertical or horizontal jump.
2. Fast twitch muscle is what we're after.
3. Jumping is EXPLOSIVE!
4. Lateral jumps can help knees get stronger, which helps with side to side movement on the athletic field of play.
5. Plyos can be performed wether or not you can squat twice your bodyweight.
6. No equipment needed...

This is just a small list of why Plyometrics should be included in your workout routine to help you become a FASTER Athlete.

Check out this video, and let me know your thoughts. Get STRONG!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fast Feet...

At our gym, we pride ourselves on getting our Athletes the best results in the shortest amount of time...

One of the quickest ways to get two results out of one piece of equipment is to use a Jump Rope. Yes, the old school jump rope!

We use them as a warm-up tool, to help get our athletes core temperature up prior to any stretching or activity. But what most other trainers and gyms don't do is, use this piece of equipment as a tool to get their clients FASTER!!!

Our clients get faster feet and better coordination by using a simple jump rope twice a week for 4 minutes at a time.

No matter what sport or position you play, this tool can get you quick results in a minimal amount of time and it's very cheap. You can spend as little as $4.oo to get your athletes in great shape and lighter on their feet.

Ladders, Parachutes, and Bungee Cords will not get you anywhere close to the quick foot speed you develop using jump ropes.

This is the greatest implement to increase your explosive first step (excluding squats and deadlifts)...

Check out this video and let me know what you think... Get STRONG!

Strong 101 Gym Corona, CA.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do I need to do SPEED Training?

We train ATHLETES...plain and simple!

Our programs for getting our clients Bigger, Faster and STRONGER work. We pride ourselves on getting YOU the results you seek.

The best way to acheive the muscle you want to build and the speed in which you will dominate the competition with is to follow our In / Pre-Season plan.

I know many of you want to know if SPEED Training is neccessary, because all your friends or teammates are doing it. Or maybe your Coach has brought in an outside company to help with his program.

Here is the bottom line...
If you are In-Season, "Speed Training" is not going to help. It must be performed prior to your season beginning.
If you are in Pre-Season mode, "Speed Training" doesn't need to happen til 4-8 weeks prior to your season starting.

There you have it, it's an easy formula. Having athletes run around cones and performing ladder drills only makes them good at running around cones and performing ladder drills! There is very little to no carry over to their sport. Plus, if you're trying to pack on muscle, the hours spent running and not eating are holding you back from making gains.

Bones CANNOT move without muscle.
Weak muscle will not move you FAST.

So ditch the "SAQ" training and get in the Gym and move some weight around. Follow a healthy diet plan and get some rest.

If you have any questions about our facility or you are ready to start Dominating your now!!! 951 346-6900 ask for Mike.

Here is a short video of our Athletes kickin' A$$!