Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Do I need to do SPEED Training?

We train ATHLETES...plain and simple!

Our programs for getting our clients Bigger, Faster and STRONGER work. We pride ourselves on getting YOU the results you seek.

The best way to acheive the muscle you want to build and the speed in which you will dominate the competition with is to follow our In / Pre-Season plan.

I know many of you want to know if SPEED Training is neccessary, because all your friends or teammates are doing it. Or maybe your Coach has brought in an outside company to help with his program.

Here is the bottom line...
If you are In-Season, "Speed Training" is not going to help. It must be performed prior to your season beginning.
If you are in Pre-Season mode, "Speed Training" doesn't need to happen til 4-8 weeks prior to your season starting.

There you have it, it's an easy formula. Having athletes run around cones and performing ladder drills only makes them good at running around cones and performing ladder drills! There is very little to no carry over to their sport. Plus, if you're trying to pack on muscle, the hours spent running and not eating are holding you back from making gains.

Bones CANNOT move without muscle.
Weak muscle will not move you FAST.

So ditch the "SAQ" training and get in the Gym and move some weight around. Follow a healthy diet plan and get some rest.

If you have any questions about our facility or you are ready to start Dominating your competition...call now!!! 951 346-6900 ask for Mike.

Here is a short video of our Athletes kickin' A$$!

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