Friday, April 1, 2011

The KEY to geting Faster!

All ATHLETES want to get Faster, it's the nature of the beast...

So, today I'm going to outline what gets you Faster and also what will not.
Let's take a look at a few devices that are out on the market, that claim to get you faster.

First the Speed Parachute: I've always known parachutes to be used as an emergency exit for a plane that's going down, or for military personnel to drop into enemy territory. But let's see if strapping a parachute to your hips will help with getting you faster.
First off there is zero resistance at the start, becasuse it's laying on the ground. Then when you accelerate, you are pulled upright instead of having a forward lean. Let's face it, running is basically falling forward and catching yourself over and over. Running fast is propelling yourself forward with each powerful step. If there is choppy wind or a crosswind the parachute will throw off your mechanics, which doesn't make you faster...

Improper use of a Parachute.

This works!

Second the Speed Ladder: Now I know for a fact ladders work, they help you climb up and down, also they can be used for rescuing people. But I dont think they will get you sprinting faster.
If you look at athletes using a speed / agility ladder, their eyes and head are typically down. This is definitely bad! As a coach I am always preaching head up and eyes scanning or looking forward. If you are staring at your feet or what's below you how can your speed increase? If you want the widest step possible with the most amount of force applied, then how will short choppy steps make you faster...? Maybe it's just me, but there are Speed / Quickness / Agility camps everywhere every weekend that teach your kids these techniques that don't get them the results you seek.

I don't see Speed here?

This definitely is what a ladder is for.

Speed is derived from applying as much force as possible in the shortest amount of time, while covering the most amount of ground!!!

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