Sunday, April 10, 2011

Squat - Bench - Cleans

Just last night I received a text message from one of my College Ahtletes, about the training regiment at his school. Here's how the conversation went...

Him: The only time that I have free is on Saturdays in the a.m.

Me: Damn... How is the training at school?

Him: It's allright, I'm benching close to four...hit 225 for 29 on testing. My squats over 500 and I clean 300...I just feel sloppy it pretty much the same workouts each week with a different percentage and rep range.

Me: Same weight coach as last year?

Him: Yeah it's his program

Me: Bench Squat Clean

Him: Yeah the Reps / Percentages

Me: F**k! Sorry kid...

Him: LoL

Me: Old School shit doesn't work like it use to...

Unfortunately too many kids around the country are still being trained this way!

Now, don't get me wrong. Squats are tremendous for building strength & size, Benching is good for upper body strngth as well as a great confidence builder for Lineman and Cleans (Power or Hang) are one of the best Triple Extension movements next to Snatches.

Here's where my beef with this program comes in...MOST High School and College Coaches don't teach PROPER TECHNIQUE, in order to maximize the benefit of each movement.

Don't believe me? Then take a look at these videos:

There are numerous videos on the internet with this kind of training, technique, spotting, etc... It's our JOB as a Coach to help our athletes train in a safe manner through proper warm-ups, stretching, accessory work, coaching cues and above all else knowing our athletes limitations.

I will post up a Part 2 to this Blog.


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