Thursday, July 14, 2011

Football is almost here...

Finally....the NFL Lockout is almost over, Colleges are in full swing and High Schools are getting ready to play some FOOTBALL!

It has been a geat Pre-Season at our facility, with a lot of returning Studs packing on Muscle, becoming more Explosive and getting their CORE strong. Now our attention is focused on maintaining all the Athleticism and Strength we have been working on to build.

The best way to keep in peak shape is to...Keep Training! Yup, it's that simple. Don't stop doing what got you to where you are. That goes for all Athletes. If you trained hard to get ready for your sport, don't stop putting in the work that built you up.

We require our Athletes to come in a minimum of two times per week to help maintain all the progress we have acheived. A couple of full-body workouts will keep the strength and power up throughout the long season ahead. If you don't try and maintain through your season, problems may occur...such as injuries, diminished playing time and lack of strength / explosiveness.

Check out some college Beasts getting after some tough Pre-Season training...