Thursday, October 20, 2011

The #1 Thing Your Strength Coach Is NOT DOING Right!

If you train at any other facility than Strong 101 Gym, you run the risk of injury!

How can I say this?

Why do I say this?

At our facility TECHNIQUE is the first and only thing that matters... We care about the health and safety of each Athlete, above anything else.

There is no way we would want one of our clients to go home after a training session being injured in anyway. You are with us to get Agile, Mobile and Hostile...the best way we can insure this is to concentrate on Form First.

This is what separates us from all the other "sports gyms" around. We will not accept bad form, or less than 100% effort from each individual.

When technique is placed in the forefront of any exercise, the movement becomes the focus not the amount of weight being used. This is a very important point, weight is the third most important part of the equation in any exercise.

Watch this video of a Junior College level Hang Clean (250 lbs)being performed...

Now watch how it should be done (440 lbs)...

With all things being equal, TECHNIQUE will prevail. To learn more about What, How and Why we get the results we acheive with our 951 346-6900 or e-mail us at


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