Sunday, April 29, 2012

Strong 101 Gym, building DOMINANT Athletes daily! !!!
We pride ourselves on putting out the best programs for our athletes, and providing great Coaching at all times.
Check out what Lucas Duda of the New York Mets had to say about his experience over the last 4 off-seasons with us... "I've been training at Strong 101 with Mike Rojas throughout parts of 4 off-seasons. I've felt huge improvements in overall strength, explosiveness, and body control. Mikes combination of motivation and knowledge will bring you to the next level in athletics or overall health." What an honor to help our athlete go from the Minor Leagues to realizing his dreams of playing in the Majors...Congrats brotha!
Here is Luke in todays game against the Colorado Rockies. By the way he's leading the Mets in Homeruns.
If you would like more information on our programs or just basic information please call 951 346-6900. We are the BEST Sport Specific Training Facility in the Inland Empire!!!